5 Steps to Remodeling a Kitchen

Predictions say that the worldwide home decor market will be worth a staggering 664 billion dollars by 2020. The global economy is strong and with that strength, home ownership, decorating, and remodeling are on the rise.

Among the most common things people look to remodel in their homes is their kitchen. Kitchens not only are one of the primary places in which family and friends congregate but kitchen remodels also translate into an excellent return on investment when it comes time to sell.

For help with your next big kitchen remodel, our team has put together the following 5 quick steps to remodeling a kitchen!

1. Demolition

A good kitchen remodel starts with a controlled demolition. During this process, you’ll want to do the following…

Remove cabinets by unscrewing them from your wall. Be sure you’re prepared to catch them when they drop.

Take out your doorway and any trims you have on your windows if you’d like to reuse them. You can do this with a prying tool or a putty knife.

Turn off the power circuit that services your kitchen. Once you’ve confirmed it’s off, you’re safe to remove lighting fixtures.

If any walls are coming down, use a sledgehammer but avoid hitting studs.

2. Replace Plumbing and Electric

If your kitchen plumbing or electric components are old, you’ll want to take this opportunity to replace them. There’s no point in going back in later and breaking down walls to address them after your remodel is complete.

Plumbing and electricity can be tricky. We recommend hiring a contractor if you’re not feeling confident with a full-on DIY kitchen remodel.

To identify plumbing that needs replacing, look for leaks or breaks. With electricity, be sure to address any areas where overhead lighting or appliances weren’t working previously.

3. Drywall

After all your electric and plumbing concerns get fixed, it’s time to put up your drywall. Drywall may take multiple coats which means your drywaller could be working for roughly 3 days.

If you’re brave, you could try drywalling yourself. You’ll need 4×8 sheets of drywall or “sheetrock”.

You’ll also need blades, a t-square, drywall screws, a drywall gun, and varying sizes of mudding knives.

4. Flooring

Now that your walls are in place, it’s time for floors. You can go a few ways with this.

There’s cork flooring, bamboo flooring, linoleum, and re-purposed wood to name a few. Do your research on cost and desirability of each type.

Once you’ve landed on what you want, have your flooring contractor come in and begin installation or do it yourself.

5. Cabinets, Appliances and Finishing Touches

You’re in the home stretch of steps to remodeling a kitchen! What you’ll need to do now is screw in your new cabinets, paint your walls, ceiling, and implement any final finishing touches.

If you’re including new counters as part of your remodel you’ll want to add that to your steps to remodeling a kitchen. You’ll also want to add any new appliances, backsplashes, faucets, and other hardware at this point.

Wrapping Up Steps to Remodeling a Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can have a deep positive impact on the overall look of your home. It can also increase its value.

If you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen to reap those benefits let the above steps guide your process.

Demo, plumbing, electric, walls, floors, cabinets, appliances and finishing touches.

Handling your remodel in that order should create the conditions for as headache-free a job as possible!

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