Find Your Zen: 5 Tips On Creating a Stunning Minimalist Bathroom

Americans spend $1.2 trillion (yes, with a T), objects they don’t need.

It’s no wonder minimalism is starting to surface as an acceptable way to live.

But when it comes to incorporating minimalism into your home, it might be best to start small, say, with the bathroom.

A minimalist bathroom can be both striking and functional. And when it’s not overflowing with creams, lotions, and an array of other personal items, it becomes a space that’s truly calming.

Read on to see how you can declutter and bring a minimalist style into your bathroom.

What is Minimalism?

In short, minimalism is eliminating the focus on excess in our lives in order to live more purposefully on the important things, like family. Minimalism will differ from person to person, but everyone can accomplish it. In general, minimalism encourages us to live with less, and achieve true happiness.

Tips for A Minimalist Bathroom

The look of a minimalist bathroom can be clean, bright, simple, and functional. Here are some tips to accomplish your minimalist look.

1. Keep it Simple

Obviously, but considering that the bathroom is a high-traffic room with potential for an abundance of clutter, simplicity is key. Less clutter and more counter space equal a happy space.

Start by decluttering all of your personal items except the essentials, products you don’t use or are expired. Half-filled bottles of lotion (use it!) and take inventory of the products and brands you love.

Minimalist revolves around using only the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and so forth.

2. Maximize Storage

Even with fewer items, developing a functional storage system is still suggested. Though, you won’t have tons of containers filled with soap. A few hooks to hang towels or bins for personal items is all it takes to complete the minimalist look.

These items can be stored under a vanity, on a shelf, or anywhere else you see fit. The goal is to avoid clutter and keep a clean, neat space.

In addition, less clutter makes cleaning a breeze. Wiping surfaces and putting away just a few items takes less time.

3. Choose A Neutral Palette

Neutral colors produce a more open and polished environment, however, most minimalists will go for an all-white bathroom. A white bathroom provides a bright, welcoming, clean space.

4. Limit Your Decorations

For the minimalist, zero decor is recommended, even encouraged. This keeps the space clean, maintained so you have more time for other important moments. A plant is acceptable and can brighten up a smaller space, but any pictures, wall hangings, or anything similar is considered unnecessary.

5. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Well-made, high-quality products mean more to the minimalist than spending a couple dollars on a cheaply made piece to fill a space. When searching for bathroom necessities like vanities or toilets, aim for products that are long-lasting, yet offer that clean flawless look.

Ready to Take on A Minimalist Bathroom?

The appearance of the minimalist bathroom is eye-catching and breathable. With clutter control, wide spaces, and a bright palette, it’s a sanctuary you won’t want to leave.

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