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Mirrors are a great addition to any room in your home or business. They can add more charm to the room while also providing you with a practical use. Many people use mirrors to help their room appear to have more space than it actually does. Mirrors can be a wonderful way to accentuate or bring together a room.

With original configurations and cutting-edge designs, our team helps customers select the very best mirror for all of their project specifications. We also offer detailed consultation throughout every stage of the project, from early design stages through the onsite installation. Whether we’re installing a new mirror for the master bathroom, a corporate lobby, a retail checkout space, or a branded restaurant, you can trust G&C Glass, Mirror, and Construction to get the job done right.

Bathroom Mirror Placement Ideas

Decorative mirrors work for every style, from distressed, chic, modern or traditional. Because they reflect the space, they create harmony and balance everywhere. A large framed mirror or series of frameless mirrors can transform a room. A special mirror is the focal point and makes a statement. Custom bathroom mirrors reflect ambient and natural light. We advise placing your custom mirrors 5 to 9 inches from the top of your faucet.

There are many reasons to choose custom bathroom mirrors. Bathroom mirrors add elegance and are the focal point of the space, and provide other practical advantages. Bathroom mirrors reflect artificial and natural light, making your bathroom feel a lot larger. Vanity mirrors can make a small space feel open.

Full Length Mirrors

If you are looking for a full length mirror to add to your home, then speak to one of our mirror specialists who can help you with the right full length mirror for your bedroom, hallway, basement or anywhere in your home. We can customize the exact width and height that will work best in your home. Plus, you can customize the exact width & height that will work best for the space.

LED Mirrors – Luxury Lighted Mirrors

Nothing beats the sleek, illuminating glow of an LED light. Our high-quality mirrors are copper and mercury free, coated to prevent rust and corrosion, and enclosed in an aluminum frame.

LED mirrors can be used in any setting, from homes to retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and more. They are a good investment too, LED light bulbs are not only energy efficient but long-lasting, with an average life of over 5 years.

Custom Mirror Experts – Since 1986

With decades of local experience helping businesses & homeowners selecting the finest mirrors for their aesthetic preferences. G&C Glass, Mirror, and Construction prides itself on providing a truly artistic experience for our clients. When you partner with our team for a new mirror, you can expect superior workmanship, excellent longevity, and an undeniable sense of style.

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